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  What We Do (An Interview with The Administrator)

Dennis Holman is the administrator of the two group homes for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Stout- with a degree in vocational rehabilitation.  These homes, which are located at 1846 Dayton Avenue and 1846 Portland  Avenue in St. Paul, are licensed as Intermediate Care Facilities for persons with Mental Retardation (ICF/DD). Each Home is licensed to serve clients age 18 and older. There are 20 staff members working with the residents of the two houses.

It is a non-profit private organization and was started by parents and relatives of persons with mental retardation.  A Catholic nun, Sister Carol, was the first administrator, and the group homes were started in 1975.  The Archdiocese helped with the loan to acquire the properties.  As the service to the mentally retarded became more regulated, the staffing of the homes required that they be trained professionals.

Residents of the homes are placed there by a Ramsey County Social Worker.  The purpose of the home is to assist the residents for the time when they will live in their community as independently as much as possible.  Holman said, “ There are special programs taught at the homes to assist them with activities of everyday living.”  Some of the residents attend the Midway Training Center for their vocational training to develop competitive work skills.  The Midway Training center assists them in obtaining jobs in their community.  He further stated that persons with mental retardation have a good service system.  However, it is strained because there are so many people needing the help given in the system, and the regulations are becoming more and more stringent that it is taxing the staff beyond their capacity.  More help is needed; otherwise only the larger facilities will be able to handle the task.  He has contacted Volunteer Action Agency and would like to make it know that there are opportunities for those who would like to help as part time paid employees or as volunteers.  The needs are for people to help with the shopping, yard work, cleaning and cooking.

Mr. Holman wants the community to know what they are doing, who they are, and the help that they need.  He would encourage people who have the time, patience and concern to assist in the care of persons with mental retardation and to call him and ask questions.  He said, “We want to be good neighbors and want involvement in the community we live in.”




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